• Amanda

Women’s March

These are photos I took from the first Womens March in 2017! That day I didn’t know what to expect and I went alone. It was one of the most emotional and powerful days of my life. It started with the train ride into LA, there was no room to stand but we all became friends. I remember an older lady probably in her 70’s, she had white and colored hair with a sign that said “f&$k Donald Trump”. She was like “I been protesting about things for the past 50 years and girls I’m still going strong.“ I made friends with a girl that was a photographer and headed up there alone as well so we decided to follow the March and take pictures together.

I don’t believe any of us expected the crowd that came that day. It was said about 750k of us showed up that day to march and united in solidarity. The beauty of it all, seeing the different groups all united for one cause. Men out there supporting Women, people chanting “my body, my choice”. The most amazing thing is it stayed peaceful, no one got crazy we all just wanted our voices heard. I went home that day knowing that us women still had a chance, not all hope was lost with this past presidential election. We are still fighting for equal pay, challenging the social norms of rape culture, and we still get labeled as inferior. We have however seen some changes, we had the most women elected to Congress along with the most diverse class of women being elected. Texas had 17 judges who were Black Women elected in one county. Judges are stopping the birth control policies that Trump is trying to issue, so that women can still have the choice to use it.

The biggest change of all though is seeing women unite. Groups and networks are popping up all over the place. Women empowerment work shops and conferences. Ladies taking their own future in their hands and manifesting it. We are supporting each other. Keep it up ladies. Keep Marching and Keep Fighting, and find you a group of women that will have your back in you’re life journey. Also don‘t be scared to go to events alone sometimes we have the best expirences and meet great people!

United We Will Rise


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