• Amanda


Updated: Jun 6, 2019

What is self-love?? If you’re on any social media platform I am sure you been noticing that 2019 seems to have this trend of self-love. Which isn’t really a bad thing but what is it really? It sure as hell is not a trend.

Thank about the last time you thought negatively about yourself. You would be surprised you probably do it more then you even realize:

o Have you recently thought you didn’t deserve something ..??? Because you do

o Or maybe somebody made you doubt your worth… Mija you bring more to the table then you know, don’t let anyone ever make you think less of yourself.

o Did you think you were weak or been shamed for showing emotion?? That’s strength and passion EMBRACE IT!!!

o Did something end, a situation or relationship and you blamed yourself..?? Change your mind set and view it as a life lesson. Make peace and move on with positivity.

o Have you been presented a challenge that you thought was too hard and you were scared to fail..?? Try it! If you fail well look back learn what you did wrong and do it again. Failure builds us and makes us stronger. DO NOT BE SCARED TO FAIL!!

o Do you shame yourself for needing help?? The best of us need help, do not be ashamed to ask for professional help, or even talk to a friend. Yes self-love is about loving yourself, but that also comes with knowing when you need to allow someone else to help you.

Self-Love is learning to accept yourself for all that you are, and if there is something you want to improve or work on, then be brave enough and do it. We all have flaws and we are who we are because of those flaws. We can learn to make them into beauty marks. It’s okay to be selfish and focus on what makes you happy. Learn to be okay with being alone, this doesn’t mean shut down all your social relationships, or become a person who hates love. Just learn to be okay with having alone time. Go do things on your own likes events, hikes, movies, spa days, or even just binge watching a TV show. If something makes you happy do it. Don’t let yourself not do it because none of your friends can or don’t want to participate in it with you. Do remember though a healthy and active social life is also important to keep a good balance in life.

Everyone connects with themselves in different ways. There is no right way, just what is right for you. Some people will connect with their spirituality, while other might connect with their religion, and some might not do either. The importance of your journey is to find whatever works for you. I had my own personal journey that included crystal healing, smudging, focusing on my feminist/sociology goals, starting this blog, fitness, doing new things and doing them alone, but everyone is different. It might be scary at times. Some choices that you will have to make won’t be easy. Certain things that we have become so comfortable with we might have to let go.

Just know once you start this journey and really start to find some peace with yourself other aspects of your life will also start to turn in the positive. You can’t have a healthy and happy relationship (with anyone), if you yourself are not happy. That negativity will soon rub off in all relationships in your life.

You’re a shining star in the universe, let your soul sparkle!!!!

Let yourself be happy.. You Deserve It!!


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