• Amanda

Latina Equal Pay Day

Nov 1st marks Latina Equal Pay Day. Why this date you might ask??? Well that is

Latina Equal Pay Day

because it would take a Latina an extra 10 months and 1 day to earn what a White man in American earned last year. To break it down a little easier if a White man and Latina had the same position and he earned 70k as his annual salary for 2017, it would take the Latina all of 2017 plus 10 months and 1 day (today Nov 1st) to earn that same 70k on average.

Latina's make on average 53 cents to the White man's $1.

What can we do? We can start by bringing awareness to the pay gap. Let companies and America know we are worth the $1 not just half of it. Continue to break glass ceilings and get our education so they have no reason to deny us.

Gender bias will also have to change, women over all make 80 cents to a mans dollar. Work places still have bias against women. Since women traditional get stuck with mother duties and companies look down upon the time off needed from mom's. Some men don't think women are smart enough or capable of running a company. Women that are boss's are often judged upon about how they got there. They are labeled as being a bitch because they have to over exert their power in order to get taken serious. The list can go. Until these isn't a list the pay gap will continue to exist. So continue to bring awareness and demand that you are worth that full dollar and let your FemPower shine.


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