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It was a Saturday afternoon as I began to walk into a room that I was not sure what to expect. I came to this house of an old high school friend, Jasmin Guerrero, so that I could step into her world of makeup and vlogging. She is an Egyptian American Makeup artist and I am ready for her to show me what this makeup vlogging world is about. I am sure like many of us out there we watch these makeup tutorials and think “oh I can do that”. We also wonder if the rooms they record in are just some makeup utopias. Well, I was about to find out. The door opens and there are professional lights, a back drop, flash ring, makeup galore, and brushes. More brushes then I would even know what to do with. Shadows and lipsticks in all the colors one could think of. As I look around there are so many sparkles that catch my eye.

I sit down and watch her as she sets up the camera and does some test takes. She informs me no one has ever watched her record a tutorial before, I am lucky number one. A few outtakes happen as she is trying to get used to having someone watch her, she graciously laughs them off. Then she begins, she records little 30 second to one minutes bits. Then she edits after to put them all together for a flowing tutorial. To make a 10-15 minute tutorial probably took about an hour and a half or so. The attention to detail and information she had to give and explain had to be on point. For anyone who thinks beauty vlogging is just setting up a camera and recording yourself do your makeup, let me tell you, that’s furthers from the truth. I admire her passion and courage to jump into the beauty world. To put one self out there in videos for the world to see takes a lot of courage. To do it with your passion and trade is even braver.

Let’s get into it when did you first get into Makeup?

I first got into makeup when I was about 12. I started to use my cousin’s makeup, my mom’s makeup. At a young age I was always just watching them so intrigued with makeup. I started to sneak makeup and try to take it off before I got home.

Did your mom not let you wear makeup?

No she didn’t, she didn’t let me wear makeup till my freshman/sophomore year in high school.

Same here my mom didn’t let me either till around that time.

How did the video tutorials come about?

I have been watching YouTube makeup videos for years. I was so intrigued by the fact that you can teach people on this platform and show people how to do certain types of techniques and things you don’t learn in school. A lot of things I learned about makeup I didn’t learn about in makeup school. I went to Ruby’s makeup academy. They taught me a lot of stuff about sanitation, clients, and building a business. You get hands on where you practice on people in class.

Are you a makeup artist for a living, do you have clients?

I don’t have clients right now. I started building up a cliental after makeup school, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like doing makeup on other people. Now I am open to it. I don’t know what it is maybe when I was younger I felt less experienced. Now I feel more confident. It’s always been a passion of mine and when I went to school I went to college not makeup school. Then after college I was like I want to go to makeup school.

Did you feel there was a lack of representation of the Egyptian community in the beauty industry?

Yes, the makeup artistry in the Middle East is HUGE. There are a lot of Arab women and men who do makeup. Makeup and beauty is big in Egypt, but I don’t think that here in American there is a lot of Arab makeup artist.

I always wondered if the lack of representation was something that also inspired you. You don’t see yourself. There could be a child who sees you and that makes them be like “it is okay for me to do this.”

Yeah exactly

I noticed you use a lot of drug store brands, do you think there is a difference between the expensive brands and the drug store brands?

I think there is a difference in certain things.

What is something you would splurge on?

The only thing I would think it worth it is skin care. A lot of the drug store brands for other things I think are comparable. I am actually working on video were I am comparing inexpensive stuff to the high end stuff.

Do you favorite drug store brand?

I think makeup revolution is defiantly my go to now. I look to them for foundation, palettes, and things that I use on a daily basis. It’s a new brand from London.

I feel like I have seen them before. I noticed you use a lot of like Morphe and Elf brushes, do you think those are just as good as other ones?

Yeah I just reviewed the 19 piece Elf brush set, and I got it for $50. Its way better than some expensive brushes I have here. So why not buy the cheaper version.

Do you have a favorite look that you have done?

I really liked the Halloween tutorial I did for the belly dancing. (Here is the video is anyone wants to check it out Easy Belly Dancer Makeup Tutorial + AB Contour)

In regards to FemPower, how do you think that make up gives people their own personal power?

I think it helps me to express myself. I think that makeup is a great way to express your inner artist. Depending on how you feel a specific day you can put on a red lip or a purple and grey lip.

What’s next for @Jazzyandthings?

I just want to continue to be consistent. For me I want to invest more time and maybe do collaborations with people that have a following that same size as mine. Maybe branch out and work with someone that hasn’t done makeup. I think it is fun to get to know other artist and different fields. I want to interact with the community, the artist community.

I want to thank Jasmin for letting me in her world. It’s always great seeing other women doing what they are passionate about. This is what it means to embody FemPower. She is Embracing Who She Is, Acknowledging Her Beauty and Power, and Sharing Her Unique Knowledge with Society.

Jasmin’s YouTube page

Instagram: @Jazzyandthings


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