• Amanda

Gate Keeper

I recently feel in love with Ms. Jessie Reyez. My best friend kept telling me to listen to her, that I would love her, and finally during our little road trip I listened and she moved right up into my top favorite artist. She sings about real situations we can all relate to, so if you haven’t already add her to your playlist.

Todays quote are some lines from her song Gate Keeper. Yes, it’s about what you probably think it is. Gate Keeper being the man (for this song specifically men in the entertainment industry), and them using their power to take advantage of women sexually. Last Year the #timesup and #metoo movement took over social media. Women started sharing their stories about what has happened to them. TimesUp connected powerful female celeberties with their fans, to hear about how they have been taken advantage of in Hollywood showed us it can happen to anyone. The scary and sad thing is almost every female I know has a MeToo story, and no there are no excuses.

Our Attire does not give men permission.

The amount we had to drink does not give men permission.

Our being out alone or late does not give men permission.

Us having a conversation with or accepting a drink a man buys for us does not give men permission.

And no, just because a mans dick is hard doesn’t give him permission.

The social norms of rape culture has to be changed. We must stop teaching that it is a woman’s responsibility to control the male urges. Stop telling girls they can’t wear certain clothing items to school because it distracts the boys, and start teaching boys that we are not sexual pieces of meat and learn how to control their own actions and urges. And ladies stop hating on each other calling each other hoes and sluts because you think they are dressed a certain way, we are only bringing our selfs down and allowing men to call us that too.


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